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About Passion Racing Team

Rick Hulsey, Ken Stafford and Eric Bowman are Passion Racing.

We race the WERA Sportsman series southeast region.

Rick races a 2000 model Yamaha R-6 and Eric races a 1997 Suzuki GSXR750.Ken races a 1999 R-6.

This is Eric's first year racing. Eric is racing formula 1 and 750 superbike novice (amateur) classes.

Rick has been racing on and off since 1993. Rick races 600cc supersport and 600cc superbike expert classes.

Ken has been racing solid for nearly four years now. As a novice Mr. Stafford won 3 championships in the CCS Florida region in 1998. 1999 Was a new year for Ken as he would go as an expert. Ken resides in Tampa, Fla. working for Yamaha Golf Cars. 

Rick is from Calhoun Georgia and Eric is from Chatsworth Georgia.

The 2000 season so far has been learning experiences. Of course we are always learning but we have had to learn big hard lessons this year. I guess the biggest things we have learned is how to react under pressure. The first race of the season, Rick crashed his new bike with only 500 miles on it. The second race, Rick thought his bike was repaired, BUT, (lesson No. 1), the bike just doesn't want to go straight! The second race was Eric's first race. Eric had to learn quick
(lesson No. 2), that the street and track are two totally different things. Eric finished 3rd in his track school race. (required school to get racing license)

The 3rd race yet another crash for Rick. Rick repaired the bike at the track (that was an unexpected 300 dollar bill!) but he came back and finished 7th. in the superstock race and 8th in a class he had never raced prior. (superbike)
Eric crashed in practice also, this was the first crash ever on a street bike for Eric. (Lesson No. 3) This really killed his confidence in himself. Eric repaired his bike (minor damage) went back out for his race and pulled off the track after 8 laps. The bike just didn't feel right to him but it really was just a mental thing. His next race he finished 18th out of 41 racers. Confidence is something that can be lost quickly and gained slowly.
Although all of this sounds terrible, neither riders were hurt and things are getting better. We are learning to deal with all the punches but as our name says
These set backs are building blocks! We will learn from our mistakes, race with Passion and do the best we can.
Our goal for this year is to learn all we can, try to pick up some sponsorship, and go into the 2001 race season and beat the guys that beat us this year!

Passion Racing

Eric , Rick & Ken