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 2000 season ending standings

B SuperBike 3rd

C SuperStock 4th

C SuperBike 2nd

Thanks to all that have sponsored us this season. If anyone has ever tried to achieve a goal most have found that it is much better to have the support of friends. During our first full season of racing we made many friends. As a person with previous experience at the track I knew what to expect. Those of you who know me at the track have seen my traveling companion. These fine people are Heather and Tanner Holloway. Heather and Tanner had never been exposed to these situations. You know high money loss, very little sleep, and crappy hotels. Not to mention my mood swinging high and low. I am happy to say that Heather and I are ENGAGED! With all that the two of them had went through this season and they still wanted me around, you just don't let that get away. Not all of there track happiness is do to me though. All of the people that we have met at the track and in our travels are what have added to there happiness in racing.

Our year ended well and we hope our next season will go well also. Now I would like to thank all of the people we helped for letting us do so. A special thanks to all that helped put us on the track.


The Plastic Dr.-    Mark Vanhoff

Dalton Creative Machine-  Dr. Bob Nuels

Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton-   Greg, Vicki, and the entire SYD gang.

Advanced Wellness & Physical Therapy Centers-   Dr. T.  

 Lockhart Phillips USA-   Morgan Broadhead


Stay tuned to news of the southeast and prep for our 2001 season.




Thanks for keeping up with Passion Racing. See you at the races,

Rick Hulsey #717

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